Potomac Heights Co-Op
What is a Co-Op? Is it different than a condominium?

A cooperative is a multi-dwelling community where each member has a part ownership of the community, and a lease (or contract or share of stock) enabling the owner to occupy a particular dwelling.

By contrast, if you own a condominium, your apartment and a percentage of the common areas belong to you.
A Co-Op owner, does not own their dwelling. In fact, you could call that person a tenant.

The Co-Op association, consisting of all member shareholders, owns the entire community, including all of the individual dwellings. Each Co-Op owner holds shares in the association - just like owning shares in any
other corporation.

Management and financial decisions are made by the Co-Op members through voting at regularly scheduled meetings and by an elected board of directors that oversees day-to-day operations.

All of this might sound complex but Co-Op living has many advantages. Co-Op residents generally get the same tax treatment as other homeowners. If they have a share loan that is secured by their membership certificate the annual interest paid on that loan is deductible.

Additionally, if the Co-Op association has a mortgage, members can also deduct their proportionate share of the real estate taxes the Co-Op pays.

Perhaps the most important distinction between a condominium and a Co-Op is that most Co-Op associations require that a prospective purchaser be approved by a membership committee composed of current
Co-Op owners.
There are several reasons PHMHOA may reject an application for membership:

Our Membership Approval Guidelines are outlined on this website under Procedures for Purchasing.  If an applicant does not meet any of the guidelines for membership approval we will not approve membership.  If your income is not from a lawful verifiable source or we are unable to verify your income we will not approve membership.  If the Board of
Directors believes that a potential
purchaser is unwilling to comply with the By-Laws or Rules or Regulations, it may reject the application.  Under no circumstances can someone be turned down because of age, sex, race, sexual orientation or religion.


Please call the housing office to verify that the address you are
interested in has been granted permission to sell.
Visit our Homes for Sale page for more information.



Check in quarterly for our community newsletter "The Promoter" and be
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Potomac Heights Mutual
Homeowners Association is a
cooperative community established in
1949 located about 20 miles south of Washington, D.C. in Indian Head,
MD. Our community is situated on a bluff overlooking the Potomac River a
convenient drive to the Indian Head
Naval Support Facility, Waldorf,
La Plata, and Washington, D.C.


If interested in purchasing a home in the Potomac Heights Mutual
Homeowners Association, please
stop by our Housing Office to pick up
a Buyer's Package.