Potomac Heights Membership
The Potomac Heights Mutual Homeowners Association is an incorporated,
non-profit cooperative, consisting of an association of members who individually enjoy membership in the cooperative and the perpetual use rights to one of the 484 dwellings that are exclusively owned by the corporation. All members are the joint owners of the corporation, each having an equal share in its ownership, a voice in the election of the corporation's Board of Directors, and the right to participate in the decisions on how the community is operated. In addition, the Association members are responsible for payment of the corporation's expenses and assessments.

Membership in the Association is evidenced by a Membership Certificate.
The occupancy of a dwelling takes place under the terms and conditions of a Member's Mutual Residency Contract. The members of the Association insist
on the strict enforcement of the contract provisions and other Rules and Regulations, which they have established to ensure that they will continue to live peaceably in a good community that will improve and perpetuate itself.

In addition to the dwellings, the mutual ownership interests of the members include an equal share of the corporation's 140 acres of land, utilities, such as deep wells, Association Office, Maintenance Shop areas and common-use facilities, such as the Community Building and Swimming Pool.

The members of the cooperative are a formally organized Association.

The members of the Association meet annually to elect a Board of Directors whose duties are to manage the corporation. From its eight members, the Board elects the corporate officers; i.e., President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the committee chairpersons who have functional management responsibilities in the areas of Public Relations/Recreation, Special Projects/Long Term Planning, Water & Sewer, and Buildings & Grounds. The daily operations of the corporation are handled by a hired Manager who supervises the Association Office staff, the Maintenance Department personnel, and the Water and Sewer Department personnel and operations.

To assure effective financial management and controls, a certified public accounting firm annually audits and certifies the books and
financial records.
Mutual Residency Contract

As a member of the cooperative, each member's relationship to the corporation will be contractual. Members will receive the Perpetual Use Rights to a dwelling and be assured of peaceable occupancy in exchange for their agreement to undertake certain responsibilities as a member and comply with the Association's Rules and Regulations. The contract is known as the Mutual Residency Contract and applicants should read it
carefully before becoming a member.


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interested in has been granted permission to sell.
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Address: 200 Cedar Lane,
              Indian Head, MD 20640

   Office: 301-743-3031

      Fax: 301-684-2445

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Potomac Heights Mutual
Homeowners Association is a
cooperative community established in
1949 located about 20 miles south of Washington, D.C. in Indian Head,
MD. Our community is situated on a bluff overlooking the Potomac River a
convenient drive to the Indian Head
Naval Support Facility, Waldorf,
La Plata, and Washington, D.C.


If interested in purchasing a home in the Potomac Heights Mutual
Homeowners Association, please
stop by our Housing Office to pick up
a Buyer's Package.