Potomac Heights Scheduling A and B Repairs
The Member's Mutual Residency Contract outlines the services, facilities, utilities, and reserves that will be provided and maintained by the Association. Section 4, Subparagraphs d, f, and g, specifies that the Association is responsible for all repairs to each member's original dwelling. "Original" for the purpose of this document, is defined as the dwelling as it stood on September 6, 1950. These repairs will be at the expense of the Association and are as follows:

Schedule "A" Repairs
(Responsibility of the Co-Op)

1. Original configuration of the water and sewer pipes in the walls, floor and crawl space.

2. Repairs and replacement of all original flues, chimneys and attic ventilators.

3. Repairs to the original dwelling, which includes original interior and exterior framing, foundation, support beams, floor joist, sub-floor, wall framing, porch and steps.

4. Roofing shingles on original structure, to include sheathing and trusses.

5. Termite treatment and any related damage to the original structure.

6. Replacement and repairs to all original electrical fixtures, original wiring to fuse box/breaker box. All electrical service that has been upgraded by the Association will continue to be treated as original.

7. Repair and replacement of all original wood windows (original dwelling only). Vinyl replacement windows that were installed by the Association will continue to be maintained /treated as original.

Any upgrade or changes made by the unit owner (including previous owners) will automatically release the Association from any responsibility for repairs.

The Association will not be responsible for any repairs made necessary by the member's, or resident's negligence. The Association is also not responsible for major repairs/costs that are performed/incurred without the knowledge or approval of the Buildings & Grounds Committee and/or the Board of Directors.

Schedule "B" Repairs
(Member's Responsibility)

Article XVIII of the Association By-Laws, which incorporates by reference this Schedule "A", states that individual members are responsible for repairs and maintenance to their dwellings, and if performed by the Association workforce, shall be charged on the bias of time and material. These repairs and maintenance are defined as follows:

1. Replacement of all fuses.

2. Sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and related exposed piping and fixtures.

3. Each member is responsible for their LPG and fuel oil tanks and damage caused by the tanks and/or by the contents of the tank, including environmental cleanup and/or fines caused by oil leaks or other hazards. Each member is responsible for general landscape and lawn maintenance and all repair and replacement to the land surrounding the dwelling structure, which is part of the Unit and intended for the exclusive use of the member.

4. Rodent control and related damage repairs.

5. Exterior maintenance of the original porch, steps, doors, windows and trim. Steps of 2 risers and higher must have a handrail.

6. Repairs and replacement of doors or window glass, lock latches, handles and screens, rain gutters, downspouts, storm doors,
and storm windows.

7. All types of siding or asbestos/asphalt shingles (siding) are the responsibility of the member.

8. Interior decorating and other cosmetic improvements.

9. Foundation skirting and skirting supports.

10. Sump pumps and related piping to eliminate possible flooding or damage to the original structure or floor surfaces.

11. Snow and/or ice removal from dwelling. Sidewalks leading from the unit to common sidewalks are the responsibility of the member.

12. Private sidewalks leading from the common sidewalk to the dwelling.

13. Members are responsible for finished flooring and under lament.

If you wish to make improvements to your dwelling, you must submit an application to the Building and Grounds Committee. You must comply with all county regulations and, if necessary, obtain a building permit. Your application will be reviewed and approved or denied by the Buildings and Grounds Committee.

Additions or modifications to the original dwelling immediately become the responsibility of the member. All costs of repairs or maintenance to these improvements will be borne by the members. Any charges to the Association, which are defaulted on by the member, may bring into force the provision for termination of membership.

Dwelling Improvement Application

Any member requesting Schedule "B" work must be in good standing. Work Orders for Schedule "A" receive priority over Schedule "B" work. Costs for Schedule "B" work are $25 per man, per hour. Members will be billed for completed Schedule "B" work with payment expected by their next operating payment. Certain work requests, to be determined by the maintenance staff, may require a 50% deposit with the balance due upon completion of the job.

This statement of policy, defining Association responsibility and member's responsibility, in no way relieves the member, or the Association, from any obligation under the Association's By-Laws to keep dwellings in good repair.

For repairs or maintenance not defined in the forgoing Schedule "A" or Schedule "B" categories, it will be the responsibility of the Association's Board of Directors to act upon these request. No reimbursement will be offered if work is started without prior evaluation of the project and approval from the Board of Directors.


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